Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor:

I really appreciate law enforcement. Thank you for your service.

I live in Mineola, just outside the city limits. I have called the Sheriff’s Department several times – many, many loose dogs.

A law needs to be made to fine people for this. The Sheriff’s Office can’t do anything about it, they say.

When there is arguing and guns being fired late at night, by the time the Sheriff’s Office comes, the neighbors have stopped. The deputy says that all he can do is “talk” to them. Why can’t I file a noise report? They won’t let me. Why aren’t these people fined?

Recently, adults were driving a four-wheeler (no license) with young kids on the back. I felt it was dangerous.

I called the department – no one came that I know of. The riders kept on for hours. Are they waiting for the kids to fall off? Does law enforcement not care? I would like to have some kind of accountability.

Mary Strickland