Letter to the editor

Dear editor:

Given the important role the Mineola Independent School District plays in the life of almost every single child and family in our city, I expect to see very diligent reporting by the Wood County Monitor when covering education. I’m sure most of the town expects the same. 

Sadly, the paper has not been diligent enough as of last week. 

The MISD school board’s plan to discuss the firing of Superintendent Kim Tunnell was announced on the Monitor’s website the day it was up for a vote, leaving only a few hours for citizens who were out-of-the-loop to prepare. The agenda for that meeting must have been available long before the Monitor released their short and undetailed coverage over it.

Then once the board had decided to accept Tunnel’s resignation, other local news publishers like the Tyler Morning Telegraph and KLTV covered the story very quickly. Not the Monitor.

As a recent graduate of Mineola High School and a lifelong citizen of Mineola, I believe our newspaper has let down the community and may need to assess the timeliness of its reporting.

Ideally, our local paper should have the resources and ability to cover breaking news more efficiently so the people of Mineola and Wood County receive the best information possible at the right time.

Maybe there is something I’m missing about this. Maybe the paper is short-staffed or struggling with funding, or maybe another problem we wouldn’t expect is at play here. I can’t say for sure and I won’t point fingers at certain people.

Regardless of who or what is at fault, we deserve better.

Carter Mize