I’m the sister of Brittany McGlone

Posted 12/11/19

To the editor:

I’m the sister of Brittany McGlone. Brittany was murdered in 2007 in Winnsboro.

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I’m the sister of Brittany McGlone


To the editor:

I’m the sister of Brittany McGlone. Brittany was murdered in 2007 in Winnsboro.

One of the concerning elements is the treatment we have received from the Wood County Sheriff’s Office. It seems forgotten that Brittany and her family are victims. No one has been held accountable for killing Brittany, none held accountable for their mistakes and their actions.

The responses I have received do nothing to encourage my faith in the department. I know the sheriff’s office and majority of the employees can’t speak to what the department did or didn’t do at the time of her murder, but the current administration represents the county now, and what they do and don’t do does matter to her family.

While I would never wish our tragic loss on anyone, I don’t think they would be satisfied with being dismissed the way we have. Sensitivity is highly lacking where Brittany is concerned.

An example being an exchange on Facebook between Sheriff Castloo and Brittany’s mother after she posted on his page, pleading for information.

“I don’t know what your pleas for information were as no new information has surfaced since we last spoke. Perhaps you could use your personal Facebook page as well as others to spread the word.”

And a very specific detail that could’ve and should’ve been provided years ago (as we suspected), now done so on a public forum.

“The crime scene was contaminated by officers. Antagonistic posts won’t expedite the process.”

In response to a post from Jim Brown, my father stated it would be nice if they would solve his daughter’s murder. Jim Brown’s response was, “This is not the time nor place but you need to get your facts straight before you go running your head…you need to sit down, be patient a while longer, and let me do my job….”

Our understandable questions, concerns and doubts. I do not want my sister to become another statistic, and unfortunately it feels her voice has been forgotten as has ours.

Hope McGlone