Letter to the editor


Dear editor:

Mr. Tucker, sir, that was a political ploy if ever I saw one! What exactly did you hope to accomplish? You’ve given the political opposition to State District Judge Fletcher and Wood County Sheriff Castloo an unfair advantage. Placing Jim Brown’s and Miles Tucker’s photo on the front page and then top billing in the article was a bit much. 

These gentlemen were not exonerated by a jury trial. Their cases were simply dismissed due to the Wood County commissioners’ failure to comply with their own agreement to pay the prosecutor. They never went to trial.

Allowing both Fletcher and Castloo to respond at the tail end of the article was totally insufficient, sir. Both Brown and Tucker impugned their integrity, smack in the middle of an election cycle. And you authored and printed it on PG 1 of Vol. 5, No. 7 of the Wood County Monitor, Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020.

My question, Larry: How much did Brad Campbell pay you to do this? He’s opposing Judge Fletcher, and you don’t like him, do you?

James R. Carter, Sr.