Letter to the editor


Dear editor:

What we’re experiencing in our world today is nothing new.

We’re living in days like those of Daniel and Jesus – and the times are reaching their fulfillment.

Jokes and pranks are fun when life is calm, but now we need something more serious because our lives have taken a darker turn due to this terrible disease; yet, we can be confident God will do what He says.

Instead of becoming fearful and helpless, let’s turn to divine ordering – let’s leave the timing of God’s answers to Him – praying and not losing heart.

God’s power is available to strengthen his children. Our faith is then challenged to conform our understanding of His revealed plans.

Reading our Bible daily and praying will enable us to not become weary and discouraged.

Until that day, we must live a life “anxious for nothing,” as the peace of God guards our hearts and minds.

Geneva Walton