Letter to the editor


Dear editor:

It’s time to pray and not point fingers at people’s sins and shortcomings.

The Bible talks about weeping between the porch and altar. It talks about taking the beam out of your own eye, so you can help take the small stick out of someone else’s eye.

Are you upset with atheism in America – have you wept and cried, prayed and loved the atheist  and warned them in kindness and compassion?

Are you upset at the homosexuals in America – have you warned them of disease with a kind, compassionate heart after hours of prayer for them, have you shown them hope and a better lifestyle – have you loved them even while they were sinners?

Are you upset about unrighteous leaders in government? Have you cried for righteousness and prayed for their sins to be repented of and covered? Have you prayed for them to be delivered from pride and arrogance?

Come to the cross and pray in love, in hope, in compassion, in mercy. Our place of worship is open to anyone – any time.

Jesus Christ Open Altar Church, Hawkins.
Mark McDonald