Letters to the Editor


Dear editor:

Doris Newman’s May 10 op-ed was right on!

Proposed changes to the current ACA should concern us all. If the people of Wood County care about coverage of preexisting conditions, it is imperative that we be represented by elected officials who make this a priority. If our current representative, Mr. Hensarling, continues to support the limiting of coverage to preexisting conditions we should consider other candidates.

By Carol Spanko and on behalf of Sandra Fry, Linda Connell and Betty Groepper

To the editor:

It recently came to my attention that Mineola ISD plans to move Donna Palmer from counselor at elementary to primary next year. I’m not saying that our primary students don’t need a counselor, but what about elementary? Those students are older and beginning to enter puberty with a mix of hormones and emotions. They need a counselor.

Although none of my 31 years of teaching came at either of those levels, I’ve had children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren in those grades during my 35 years in Mineola. A counselor is a very vital part of the elementary campus, especially next year with a new principal. The students will need a familiar person in whom they can confide.

Years ago, counselors may have spent more time testing and scheduling than anything else, but now they do so much more. Counselors must be able to recognize a traumatized child and know how to treat him. They sometimes handle situations where the entire population of the school is affected, as in the death of a student. Counselors help families meet physical needs about which even teachers may not know. Counselors help families get outside counseling, but that’s not a great option here because children’s counselors are scarce in our area to meet the needs of everyone. Counselors also help bridge the gap with law enforcement when needed.

I know personally that Mrs. Palmer has helped with all of these on the elementary campus. The students have made do with her there only part-time this year. Who will do it next year?

Please, school board, administration, parents and students, let’s do something to find the money to hire the primary school a counselor of its own and leave Donna Palmer at Mineola Elementary School where she belongs.

Thank you.

Jackie Ricks

To the editor,

On behalf of the residents of Wood Memorial Nursing Home, we would like to send our heartfelt appreciation to the staff at Wood Memorial for the care and consideration that they showed the night of April 29, 2017 during the storms that swept through our town. The tornado sirens were going off and they came in and got each one of us to the hallway to ensure our safety. This was done with such a calmness so all stayed calm and continued to feel safe throughout the entire ordeal.

Also, a 15-year-old, Mineola High School 9th grader, Jacob Dabbs, was also there to assist us. He came in and assisted us to safety as well and he too remained calm. We would like to send a special thank you to him for his acts of kindness during that time. We could not ask for a kinder, more caring group of people to take care of us, so again thank you to the staff at Wood Memorial Nursing Home, and that very special young man, Jacob Dabbs.

Thank you.

By Jeanne Yarber on behalf of residents of Wood Memorial Nursing Home



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