Letters to the Editor


To the editor,

Now that the smoke has cleared, the taxpayers of Mineola have dodged a bullet, i.e. a $41 million debt owed for the next 30 years. By a mere 79 votes, our little town could have been strapped with this massive debt. The Mineola School Board is really good at spending other peoples’ money for the grandiose building plan.No mention was made of how such a physical plant could be sustained, utilities and upkeep.The jobs and wages simply are not here and will not be in the near future.The Sanderson chicken farms mean little to our town. Also, we simply do not have the students to justify such a building plan.

A municipal bond issue is quite complicated and no mention was made of how underwriters function, how the bonds are sold, interest paid, and a range of other issues. The letter from Mineola ISD explained nothing except telling those 60 and older not to worry as it did not impact them. Oh yeah? When that property turns over, the new tax rate applies.Tax, tax, tax. So thank you to those 79 voters that fended off this monster. Stay alert and vote!

Lafe R. Pfeifer - Mineola


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