Letters to the Editor


Dear editor,
This is just a “heads up” for those who are reaching retirement and seeking to improve their financial situation, what ever that may be. When you seek the help of financial advisors, understand that they work for their company and themselves first. That makes you, the investor, third in line. If you make a profit that’s something they can point to as being successful, but if you don’t, they already have banked their commissions. That doesn’t make them bad people. It’s just the way the business works.
It would be nicer and perhaps fairer to the investor if the advisors only profited when their clients made some money.
Gary Edwards

To the editor,
In response to your article dated 03/29/17 regarding Sanderson Farms, I offer the following comment:
Do you think 80 producers (“growers”) will be limited to the areas you identify in the article? Land owners throughout the area are on their radar. Out of state producers have already made inquiries in Rains County.
This is not a whiny, not-in-my-backyard response.
Check out CAFOs, including commercial factories contracting with producers, such as Sanderson Farms, and read up on the destructive trail they leave. The producers, not the corporation, have the only liability to the adjacent, existing landowners.
Not sure how deep the producers’ pockets are.
Thank you for this forum.
Kent Larson


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