Letters to the Editor


To the editor,

Are you old enough to know that a song that lingers in the hearts and minds of people for decades was not written for money or fame? The “Star Spangled Banner” or the National Anthem is one of those songs. A song that rings or lingers in the hearts and minds of people was written because of a profound experience or event that should be remembered. The flag of The United States of America is always recognized when this song is heard.

It is believed that the Revolutionary War was the profound event that inspired the writer or writers to write and compose The United States of America’s National Anthem. The song says something about a perilous fight.

Terry Triplett

Dear editor:

My name is Shayna Warren. I grew up in Monahans, where people knew your family and came a running if you needed anything. I lost my dog last night. He isn’t just a dog, he helps me through panic attacks. I was distraught. But Quitman residents came to my aid and Jessica found him. I also want to thank Faith and Madison for going on Facebook to help and also the animal shelter in Mineola. If I ever had to move anywhere, I pick Quitman. God Bless each and every one of ya’ll.

Shayna Warren


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