Letters to the editor

Posted 9/23/21

My family and I are moving to Houston and call it home. We are leaving Mineola with mixed feelings after 20 years full of memories.

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Letters to the editor


Dear editor:

My family and I are moving to Houston and call it home. We are leaving Mineola with mixed feelings after 20 years full of memories.

We want to thank everyone for welcoming the Teos in 2001 when the Lord directed us to Mineola. Though we are the minority of the minorities, we were and are treated like one of y’all.

We thank all the educators for helping our children Joshua and Sarah achieve their goals. We thank the community for giving us the privilege and pleasure in serving you.

Thank y’all for your love, friendship and fellowship. We gonna miss y’all. Love y’all!

The Lord bless and keep y’all always,
 Kenneth, Amy and the Teo family


Greetings from a former San Diego, California resident.

When I sought out a small community in a conservative state, I found Mineola.

Imagine my disappointment in realizing that evil lurks in even remote corners of America. The evil that has permeated throughout our country continues to astound me. Is there really nowhere to live that doesn’t live under the tyranny of a few?

I am hesitant to sound off when I am offended, even here, because my letter would not be printed if I stated those offenses. I’ve come to realize that we are censored, not by them but by ourselves because we want to respect their right to be heard. But if we voice opposition, we are silenced.

I sought permission to place signs that stated: “I’m 4 Paper Ballots.” Those signs have disappeared, but not the garage sale signs next to them. I must then assume that someone with nefarious intentions removed them. The signs were non-partisan and to inform the public, that as citizens we have the right to determine what election method we would prefer to assure that our vote is legitimately counted. We are gathering signatures in petition form to present to the commissioners of Wood County who are responsible for purchasing the method to use for voting. Apparently that was offensive to someone. I have to ask why?

These signs were bought and paid for by someone and properly belong to them as property; removing them without permission equals theft. Am I disappointed? Absolutely. I will not be discouraged, in fact it has emboldened and inspired me to proceed more vigorously.

Join me in this venture to assure voter integrity. How? Send them a card expressing your view.

Ana Benton-Atilano