Lifters compete in Quitman


Power lifters and their legions of fans filled the Quitman High School Gym Saturday for the annual Quitman Athletic Booster Club power lifting meet. Close to 300 total lifters representing 17 schools participated in the event. 

Quitman and Mineola were well-represented. In the boys competition Quitman finished seventh and Mineola ninth of the 17 schools. Quitman girls placed seventh and Mineola eighth of 15 schools.

Competitors lifted in three areas and their total was added for a final score. The events were squat, bench press and dead lift.

Quitman results were Hunter Huggins, second, 248 weight class; Ethan Reynolds, third, 114 weight class; Mariano Manriguez-Lara, fourth, 123 weight class; Hayden Batchelder, fourth, 242 weight class; Johnata Jones, fifth, 220 weight class; Wyatt Hightower, sixth, 165 weight class; Luke Murphy, seventh, 198 weight class; Silvano Castillo, 11th, 165 weight class; Brian Morris, eighth, 148 weight class; Hunter Cline, 12th, 148 weight class; Carson Dickens, 16th, 148 weight class; Justin Matthews, 17th, 165 weight class; Sebastian Letterman, 20th, 165 weight class; and Jonathan Lacy, 20th, 220 weight class.

Mineola results were Kejuan Fite, third, 275 weight class; Hunter Wright, fourth, 198 weight class; Kaleb Barton, fourth, 220 weight class; Renard Mateo, fifth, 132 weight class; Jackson Anderson, fifth, super heavyweight; Kobe Kendrick, 198, weight class; Dawson Elmore, sixth, 275 weight class; Moraylle Brumsey, seventh, 242 weight class; Joseph Martinez, eighth, super heavyweight; Nate Griffin, ninth, 242 weight class; Tanner Crenshaw, 10th, 181 weight class; D.J. Newsom, 13th, 220 weight class; and Dalton Anders, 14th, 181 weight class. 

In girl’s competition Mineola’s Izzy Tresca won first place in the 198 weight class and Kaitlin Burrell second place in the 165 weight class

Quitman girls in the meet were Kaitlyn Barnett, second, 97 weight class; Cristina Ramirez, third, 105 weight class; Brooklyn Marcee, third, 123 weight class; Gatha Davis, third, 165 weight class; Bailey Hughes, fourth, 165 weight class; and Karli Cowart, fifth, 220 weight class. Other Quitman girls participating were Caitlyn Elliot, Tristan Wood, Helena Bautista-Mathias, Jaci Coley, Savannah Breding, Jordyn Blalock and Sydney Reid.