Mineola City Council takes steps toward long-range plan for drainage problems


Mineola City Council took a look at problem drainage areas around the city in a workshop Monday.

Mayor Kevin White said he wants the city to build a long-range plan to address drainage problems, noting that the issues cannot be fixed in one year.

He recommended writing drainage funding into the budget each year, adding that some projects could be addressed with grants.

Public Works Director William Crump identified his top five areas, starting with N. Johnson St. adjacent to Pizza Hut. He said the business has been blocked by flooding several times in the past.

Crump noted that several of the drainage problems are connected, turning to Kings Lane and Sycamore Street.

One of the issues with the flooding along Sycamore is that the high water is starting to erode the street.

One drainage issue along Loop 564 at Patten St. could be addressed by the adjacent property owner. After land was cleared, debris began to clog culverts, leading to water back up.

Each of the five council members in attendance identified areas within their wards where residential yards are impacted.

White particularly wanted to look at areas where water runs off city streets into yards, which would be a city problem to address.

Some of the drainage issues along state rights-of-way would have to be repaired by the Texas Dept. of Transportation.

Crump said that TxDOT is working on a project along Hwy. 69 through Mineola that includes repaving as well as drainage.

White asked Crump to bring a report to the March 23 council meeting outlining projects that can be handled by staff repairs versus those that will require engineers to design solutions.