Mineola civic center hit with power outage


Mineola Civic Center suffered a power outage sometime over the Labor Day holiday. It is not known when the outage became a problem.

Tuesday morning Civic Center Assistant Manager Lisa Bright reported there was some electricity at the facility, but there was no power in over half of the building and there was no air conditioning anywhere at the center.

Bright said workers over the weekend reported there were no lights in the restroom they had been using while working on the roof of the facility.

Bright said there is concern over the coolers in the kitchen.

“Two coolers in the kitchen area are without power. We lost everything we had in those two coolers,” Bright said. “Hopefully, the coolers will come back on when the electricity is restored. I am glad we haven’t received food supplies for two big upcoming RV events. We had to let the Kiwanis know we had no air conditioning because they were supposed to have their weekly meeting here today.”

The Mineola club had to cancel its meeting Tuesday.

At press time, SWEPCO still did not have a cause for the outage.