Mineola council adopts new rates


New water, sewer and trash rates go into effect this week for Mineola residents.

The city council adopted the new rates last week for the new budget, which begins Oct. 1.

Residents will see a four percent increase in the water rate and the sewer rate and a 3.3 percent hike in the trash pickup rate.

Commercial water rates were also raised four percent.

City staff also discussed the need for the city to conduct a water rate study to see where Mineola falls in relation to area cities, especially as it relates to the fee charged for water customers who live outside the city. The last study was done in 2014.

The new water rates are $13.54 minimum plus 75.66 cents per 100 gallons for residential and $14.31 minimum plus 87.10 cents per 100 gallons outside the city. Commercial rates are $30.66 minimum inside the city limits and $35.20 outside, with the same per-gallon charges.

Sewer rates are $18.98 base charge for residences inside the city plus 27.75 cents per 100 gallons with a 15,000-gallon maximum. The commercial rates are $22.83 and 42.56 cents. Residences outside the city are $21.75 and 31.72 cents, and commercial outside the city rates are $26.52 and 48.44 cents.

The master meter charges are based on size, ranging from $85.51 for a two-inch meter to $300.27 for a six inch.

Rates for commercial trash Dumpsters are going up 3.3 percent, which is provided for in the city’s contract with Republic Services based on the Consumer Price Index. They were last raised three years ago. Residential rates are not impacted.