Mineola council rules out use of golf carts on streets


A request to allow golf carts to operate on city streets gained no traction from the Mineola City Council Monday.

Derek McCann said he is legally blind, and his cart is his only means to access groceries, the pharmacy and such to help care for his mother.

Police Chief Chuck Bittner reviewed state law and rules adopted by other cities.

In each case where a city did allow the carts, they do require a drivers license. McCann said his eyesight prevents him from obtaining a license.

Golf carts are not designed for road use, Bittner said.

The danger in operating them is not necessarily from the person driving, he added.

“My opinion is we do not want them operating on the street,” he said.

Council member Jayne Lankford told McCann she is concerned for his safety with the danger posed by driving a cart on city streets.