Mineola council upholds sign rule


There will be no change to the city of Mineola sign ordinance.

As a result, at least two off-premise signs will have to be removed.

The city council took no action Monday on a request to change the sign ordinance to allow such signs.

The planning and zoning commission had also recommended no change.

The issue was raised after a sign on South Pacific St. was erected last spring for a downtown business.

Other than those grandfathered at the time the ordinance was approved more than 10 years ago, no business may have a sign not located on its property.

Fire Marshal David Madsen said the owner was approached about the violation and agreed to move it once the area dried out.

But the sign still was not moved, at which time Madsen said the owner said she would pursue getting the ordinance changed.

Madsen said that the sign, in addition to being a violation of the off-premise rule, also is affixed to a vehicle, another violation. And that vehicle is considered a junk vehicle, still another violation.

He noted at least one other off-premise sign that will have to be removed.

No one attended the council meeting to speak for the requested change.

Council member Sue Jones asked Madsen to look into a sign on a downtown building that was originally grandfathered, as individual panels within the sign are changed out regularly.

“I’d like for us to think about rectifying this situation,” she said, adding that it is unfair to other businesses that can’t have off-premise signs.