Mineola gets two teams in top 15 at State Robotics Competition


Mineola High School had two robotics teams place in the top 15 at the most recent state competition held earlier this month. The eighth place team included Dillon West, Bryson Cheak, Tayfun Demir and Tanner Taylor; while the 15th place team included Caden Roberts, Alyssa Bullard and Matthew Carder.

The Robotics teams took part in two different competitions.  The first is called Arena where students build a robot and program it to complete different tasks.  The robot that completes the most tasks wins.  The secnd competition is called Inventions where students make a new invention using Legos.  The invention must be able to complete a task that will help the community or even world. 

One of the projects created was able to pick out candy that had red dye in it. The device had a light sensor, a conveyor belt and motor arm that swiped the red candy off the conveyor belt to be thrown away.

Thirty-eight teams from schools all across the state participated in the competition. The Robotics teams begin in August at the start of school and compete in two regional contests, an area contest and hope to make it to state contest each year.  The team has made to State four out of the last five years and placed as high as third at state 4 years ago.  All students in high school grade can enroll in Robotics. It is an elective course at the high school. 

The teams have their final regional contest on April 30 at Region 7 in Kilgore. This will be an Arena type competition.


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