Mineola ISD board exempts TJC dual credit students from no-pass, no-play provisions


The Mineola School Board approved a revision to the “No Pass, No Play” policy in regard to dual credit classes Monday.

Tyler Junior College made the decision recently to no longer allow high school staff or school administration at partnered schools to view the progress or grades of dual credit class students. Semester grades will be reported, but not students’ grades throughout the year.

Normally, this decision would not effect UIL eligibility because dual credit classes are, by law, exempt from the UIL “No Pass, No Play” standard.

However, at MISD, the standard was tougher because a line in the policy that states “however, a student with a failing grade in an eligible course shall be exempt from “no pass, no play” requirements only if the student’s grade is no lower than 60.” 

Under the current policy, students in dual credit classes can not be certified as passing, which could render them ineligible for UIL activities in the spring.

TJC recommended the line be taken out of board policy, exempting dual credit classes completely from the “No Pass, No Play” rule. 

MISD board unanimously approved removing the line from board policy.

Students will no longer be held back from participating in UIL sanctioned activities because of failing grades in dual credit classes.