Mineola Memorial Library Notes


By the time you read this, Mrs. Pam and I will be on our way to attending the Texas Library Association Annual Conference. Yes, librarians do have conferences. This is the state conference and it gives us both the opportunity to network with other librarians, attend classes about things we want to learn more about, and we get to visit with vendors in an area of about the size of two football fields. This is a good opportunity for us to investigate new things to bring to the library.

While we are gone, our remaining staff along with some wonderful volunteers will be manning the fort. There will usually be a staff member available along with the volunteer but the staff member may be off the front desk helping another patron. Please, be patient. They will have gotten a very crash course in the basics. We think they are absolutely wonderful for stepping up and giving us the chance to attend this conference.

Because of our trip, some things will be canceled for the week at the library. Family Craft, Fun Friday Fitness, and the Bookmobile to Autumn Winds will not happen. Our Tuesday and Wednesday morning line-ups will remain the same.

Heads up about the Library Book Club. We will have our last meeting on May 18. We will be reading “Jeopardy Surface: a novel” by Sheri Leigh Horn. One of our members is related to the author and brought this book to our attention. We are looking forward to a lively discussion about this novel. This book may be checked out for two weeks in order to give all club members the opportunity to read it.

As people are doing their Spring Cleaning, the Library is the beneficiary of generous donations. Please, remember: if items have been in your garage or storage facility and you would not bring them into your home, we will not be able to use them in the library. Throwing away a book is the hardest thing to do: but, sometimes, based on condition, that is the only thing to do.

A great big Thank You to the Mineola Rotary Club for their generous donation to the Bookmobile. We really appreciate the support they give to keep the wheels on the bus rolling throughout Mineola.

Also thank you to Exxon Mobil for their matching funds donation to the Library.

Don’t forget to visit us on the web at www.mineolalibrary.com or even take a glance at our Facebook page for Mineola Memorial Library in Texas. Mineola Memorial Library in New York also has a similarly titled face book page. We would love to have you visit us in person at 301 N. Pacific.

The Mineola Memorial Library is a 501(c)3, non-profit and your donations are not only appreciated; they are tax deductible.


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