Mineola Memorial Library Notes


Thank you all for allowing us to be closed on May 5. Daniel did indeed graduate and crossed the stage to get his diploma. Next up are Kaleigh, Russell and Emily from high school. This is a great year for the library with so many graduates.

The library will be closed on Saturday, May 26 for Memorial Day weekend. This will also give us the opportunity to attend the high school graduations of our staff.

As you saw previously in the Monitor, the Hudson Charitable Trust Foundation gifted the Mineola Memorial Library with a grant. We were so happy to receive such a generous gift!

The last library book club will be tomorrow at 6 p.m. discussing “Cold Sassy Tree” by Olive Ann Burns. The club will take a break and will resume again in the fall.

There is a fundraising Book Sale on Saturday at the Annex. Gently-used books are sold at amazing prices. Help support the library and pick up a book or two to enjoy during these warm summer days.

Summer Reading Programs are about to begin. It is important to keep reading over the summer so those skills will not be lost. Just 20 minutes three times a week will keep a child at their current reading level. Reading more will, of course, only help build those skills. This is summer, so let your child read what they would like to read (within your household guidelines). Summer is a time to explore new genres, new authors, and read just because. Summer Reading Programs begin on Tuesday, May 29 at 2 p.m. for children in kindergarten to fifth grade and Wednesday afternoons at 2 p.m. for TNT (Teens and Tweens sixth grade to high school). More programs on are on the drawing board so stay tuned.


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