Mineola Memorial Library Notes


It is summer in Texas!  Stop by the library and grab a book set in a faraway place, an exotic place, a cool place, and let your imagination transport you to someplace different.  Books are great at helping you imagine a different place and time.

You can also write a review for a book that makes an impact on you.  Simply go to our website mineolalibrary.com and about the middle of the page click on our catalog.  At the catalog you will log in to your account.  The log in is in the upper right hand corner and you type in your card number (not the “p”) and your pin number is the telephone number on file with us (unless you changed it to something else).  Search the catalog for the book you have read.  Click on the title to open up the detail about the book and about the center of the entry there is a spot to review the book.  Write your review, rate the book (1 to 10) and then submit it.  You can let other people know what you think about this book and why.  Please, no profanity as that will not be published.

Summer Reading Programs have ended for this year.  Many thanks to all of those who participated.  There were crafts, games, outings, and stories.  We really do appreciate all who took the time to attend these programs.

August is fast upon us and programming will not be offered this month.  The children will be preparing to return to school on August 16 and the Library will work on inventory.  Inventory is a necessary part of operations because it lets us really discover what items are circulating and what items are not, what made it back to the shelves and what did not, and what areas of development do we need to work on.

Writing of school approaching; hopefully all students have continued reading throughout the summer.  It is not too late to work on those skills.  If you need a brush up on other skills, try Learning Express which is one of the databases we provide through TexShare.  It is also found on our website.  Click on the Learning Express icon.  You will need to create an account which is very easy and free.  Explore the student section of this database and review math, language, and other subjects.

Please visit us at 301 N. Pacific, the website mineolalibrary.com, or give us a call 903-569-0888.  We would love to hear from you!

Remember, the Mineola Memorial Library is a 501(c)3, non profit and your donations are tax-deductible.