Mineola Police Report


Mineola police reports for the past week included:

April 25 – There was a report at 11:26 p.m. of a disturbance on Goodson Circle. Officers responded and found it was only an argument.

April 24 – A woman reported she had received a personally threatening Facebook post. This is under investigation.

A disturbance was reported on North Pacific Street when a 14-year-old was threatening his parents. Officers spoke with the boy and the parents and the parents agreed to take him to the hospital for an evaluation.

A disturbance was reported on Goodson Circle at 3:15 p.m. when a family member showed up at a woman’s apartment threatening her while displaying a knife. This is under investigation.

A man reported he lost his wallet at Cross Country Foods on South Pacific Street but the surveillance video revealed he left with his wallet.

A person reported a sexual assault that occurred in 2010 when they were a child. Police noted this is not uncommon. The matter is under investigation.

Police received a complaint from a man on West Kilpatrick Street involving child custody and he was told that it was a civil matter.

There was a report that a suspicious person had knocked on the door of a house on Brett Street earlier in the day. The person was not found.

April 23 – Police received a call about a welfare concern at 3:24 p.m. when a 10-year-old boy would not go into the Andrews Center for his appointment and he crawled under the car, refusing to come out. Officers responded and talked him into going to his counseling session.

Police arrested Vicki Renee Payne, Alba, on a warrant out of Wood County for hindering apprehension after she was stopped on East Broad Street for a traffic violation.

Police were called out of concern over a two-year-old child that ran across West Blair Street unsupervised. An officer spoke with the parent and found that the child was outside with other children and the parent took her eyes off of her for a second. The parent said they would watch her better.

Police arrested Jeremay Dewayne Lipscomb, Mineola, on a Mineola warrant for evading arrest. Lipscomb was previously approached at Walmart by an off-duty Mineola officer and informed there was a class C warrant on him. The officer identified himself and told Lipscomb to walk with him to the front of the store where an officer was going to pick him up. Police reported Lipscomb took off running from the officer and left before the on-duty officer arrived.

A woman reported at 11:34 p.m. she had been stalked by a man who sits at the Express Wash while she is there. An officer spoke with the man, warning him about a possible stalking charge. The man left.

April 22 – A person reported a welfare concern for an elderly woman on North Newsom Street, saying he hadn’t been able to speak with his friend for a few hours. An officer responded and found that she was fine.

A woman at the Relax Inn on East Broad Street reported at 8:16 p.m. a man came to her door asking for help. An officer responded and found that the man had a room at the same motel. He was told by the officers that he needed to stay in his room for the night and leave others alone.

An argument was reported over child custody on North Johnson Street. An officer responded and the two worked out the civil issue.

The sheriff’s department reported a welfare concern at 11:12 involving a woman whose boyfriend wouldn’t let her and her child inside the residence. An officer responded but she had left and everything was fine.

April 21 – A woman on Goodson Circle reported an argument she had had with a neighbor over children bouncing a ball in front of her apartment door.

A reckless driver was reported at 3:30 p.m. to be driving on the wrong side of the road on West Broad Street. An officer responded, finding the vehicle parked at a business on that street.

A Wigley Street resident reported two women going door to door selling a product, but they didn’t have a city permit. An officer talked with them and told them to discontinue the sales until they had gotten a permit.

There was a report of a man drinking while driving with children in his vehicle on West Broad Street. An officer stopped the vehicle on East Broad and found he had a suspended license. They arrested Johnathon David Norton, Mineola, for driving while license suspended. He was administered a field sobriety test but was not intoxicated.

April 20 – There was a report of an unruly 10-year-old boy who was disrupting class at the Mineola School Disciplinary Alternative Education Placement campus at 8:46 a.m. An officer transported the student to the police department to meet with the parent and to allow class to resume. No criminal charges were filed.

A hit and run was reported to have occurred in the Walmart parking lot. But when an officer reviewed video they found shopping carts had rolled into the vehicle.

A woman reported that a man was trespassing on West Broad Street. She had been told that he was going onto her property and spraying her plants and grass with something that was killing them.

A man reported that his phone was stolen from his vehicle, which had been left unlocked with the windows down, at the nature preserve.

Police arrested Nolan Ryan Hatmon of Brashear, Texas, for driving while intoxicated during a traffic stop on McDaniels Street for a defective tail lamp.

April 19 – School personnel reported a suspicious person picking up trash in the parking lot at the middle school. An officer responded and found that the man was working under supervision for community service hours.

A woman reported that she was assaulted by her boyfriend. A warrant has been issued for assault family violence.

A woman reported a former male friend had broken out the back window of her vehicle in the Walmart parking lot. However, she declined to press charges after he said he would pay to replace the glass.

An officer responded at 4:25 p.m. to a request for police to assist a parent with an 11-year-old child who would not obey.

A Goodson Street man reported a gunshot after hearing a loud pop just outside his home. An officer found that some friends had thrown a firecracker to pull a prank on the man. An officer issued a verbal warning in reference to lighting fireworks in the city limits.

There was a request at 7:25 p.m. to check the welfare of a woman traveling very slowly on South Pacific Street in the inside lane. An officer stopped her and found everything was fine.

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