Mineola Police Report

Posted 11/2/23

October 21

12:30 a.m., suspicious person, Bromberg, male looking into vehicles, subject is resident, everything OK.

12:56 a.m., public assist, 1400 blk S. Pacific, officer flagged down.

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Mineola Police Report


October 21

12:30 a.m., suspicious person, Bromberg, male looking into vehicles, subject is resident, everything OK.

12:56 a.m., public assist, 1400 blk S. Pacific, officer flagged down.

4:21 a.m., suspicious vehicles, W. Patten at Sycamore, vehicle being repossessed.

1:17 p.m., disturbance, Wigley, neighbor shot dog with BB gun and pointed it at subject, threatened to shoot vehicle, unable to locate subject or dog that got out.

2:59 p.m., motor vehicle accident, 200 blk E. Broad, two vehicles, no injuries.

4:04 p.m., welfare concern, W. McDonald, subject tried to enter residence, unable to locate suspect.

6:10 p.m., unknown offense, Gerald, vehicle playing loud music, unable to locate, music had been turned down.

6:38 p.m., assist other agency, 2200 blk S. Pacific, assist locating vehicle.

7:39 p.m., unknown offense, Meadowbrook, subject seen jumping fence into neighbor’s yard, no sign of criminal activity.

8:37 p.m., unknown offense, N. Johnson, subject wanted to speak to officer about incident, appeared to be having panic attack, refused medical attention.

10:02 p.m., unknown offense Meadowbrook, house cleared from previous call.

10:32 p.m., assist other agency, N. Newsom, medical call.

October 22

1:59 a.m., suspicious vehicle, S. Pacific, vehicle at location several days, will be towed if not moved.

9:06 a.m., theft, S. Pacific, headstone taken, removed by deceased subject’s wife, no report taken.

9:25 a.m., information, S. Pacific, subject flagged down officer.

9:59 a.m., Francis, vehicle repossession.

10:30 a.m., information, 1000 blk S. Pacific, officer flagged down, headstone knocked over.

11:46 a.m., suspicious person, N. Pacific, subject not allowed at location, will be leaving.

3:12 p.m., motorist assist, Ivey, vehicle blocking roadway, at wrong gate, given directions.

6:12 p.m., suspicious vehicle, Bluebird, vehicle left running.

October 23

7:45 a.m., city ordinance violation, Bowdoin, abandoned refrigerator.

7:50 a.m., information, S. Hwy. 37, controlled burn reported.

10:54 a.m., reckless driver, 1100 blk E. Broad, unable to maintain lane, unable to locate.

11:56 a.m., found property, W. McDonald, used syringes, no needles attached, appeared to be old.

12:51 p.m., suspicious vehicle, N. Pacific, small motorcycle in bushes, had been parked by student.

7:06 p.m., information, Rainbow, vehicle repossession.

7:24 p.m., assist other agency, Krause, medical call.

7:39 p.m., theft, NE Loop 564, vehicle missing, located in parking lot.

8:20 p.m., assist other agency, N. Pacific, medical call.

11:19 p.m., information, 300 Greenville, request to speak to officer, no offense occurred.

October 24

8:19 a.m., city ordinance violation, N. Pacific, pickup burning out in parking lot.

8:27 a.m., assist other agency, N. Newsom, medical call.

8:37 a.m., assist other agency, N. Pacific, assist locating vehicle owner, unable to locate.

9:21 a.m., fraud, S. Pacific, fake $100 bill.

9:25 a.m., suspicious person, S. Pacific, subject acting strangely, officer advised subject not intoxicated.

11:07 a.m., theft, W. Broad, hot tub taken.

7:13 p.m., public assist, 300 Greenville, subject with question.

October 25

12:44 a.m., unknown offense, Sofia, sounded like someone trying to get in house, nothing located.

6:10 a.m., unknown offense, NE Loop 564, assist locating subject, unable to locate.

9:43 a.m., information, 500 blk W. Patten, officer flagged down.

1:48 p.m., assist other agency, E. Blair, criminal trespass warning issued.

3:39 p.m., terroristic threat, N. Pacific, at business.

3:52 p.m., motorist assist, 300 blk E. Broad, subject using phone.

8:59 p.m., assist other agency, Dubose, medical call.

October 26

6:26 a.m., assist other agency, Meredith, medical call.

9:25 a.m., theft, N. Newsom, delivery boxes missing.

9:34 a.m., assist other agency, E. Broad, missing person from Denton, located, coming with officers to station.

10:28 a.m., welfare concern, W. Broad, 911 call, accidental.

3:48 p.m., assist other agency, N. Johnson, fire call.

5:33 p.m., missing person, Gerald, daughter has not come home from school, located at school.

8:57 p.m., motorist assist, NE Loop 564, flat tire reported.

October 27

1:24 p.m., suspicious person, 300 blk E. Broad, man riding lawn mower, flipped off reporting party, unable to locate.

1:49 p.m., harassment, N. Newsom, subject making threats to business, advised is civil matter and to contact social media provider.

1:56 p.m., reckless driver, N. Pacific, vehicle found parked, driver not intoxicated.

2:11 p.m., suspicious person, N. Newsom, man asking for money, officers checking area.

4:46 p.m., unknown offense, NE Loop 564, vehicle hit in parking lot, exchanged information.

6:01 p.m., welfare concern, N. Line, employee missed work three days, no one at residence.

6:09 p.m., unknown offense, NE Loop 564, verbal disturbance at business, person will come in and file paperwork.

6:33 p.m., unknown offense, Front, assistance with traffic at depot.

7:25 p.m., suspicious vehicles, nature preserve, will announce gate to be locked.

11:17 p.m., unknown offense, 1200 Bromberg, 911 call, argument in background, verbal disturbance.