Mineola schools shift focus to summer, fall


As Texas public schools continue to deal with the fallout from COVID-19, Mineola ISD Superintendent Cody Mize briefed the school board Monday on the district’s continuing efforts.

He outlined plans for a live graduation June 5.

The district will be shifting to its summer business schedule in the coming weeks, though offices will remain closed other than by appointment.

He said the district hopes to reopen its offices to the public July 6.

He said that the community will be surveyed in the coming weeks about reopening school in the fall.

Two big questions, Mize said, include whether there will be the mandatory state tests for students next year and whether there will be accountability ratings for districts. Both were suspended this year.

The state has said that schools may reopen for summer school after May 31. Mize said the district needs to take a look at the guidelines for that.

During the monthly special recognitions, Mize praised the technology department as the support staff of the month.

Having virtual school would not have been possible without them, he said. They set up a daily tech support system to help teachers and students connect during stay-at-home and school closing orders.

They include Joseph Armstrong, Dennis Pappa, Don Woolley, Kaye Morris, Marquita Stottern, Donna Baker and Carolyn Stanford.

During student recognitions, Middle School Principal Kendall Gould varied from the usual two students to name the top 10 students, which are normally announced during the annual awards assembly. But it had to be canceled.

They include Sarah Brust, Ella Layne, Chevelle Smith, Yuka Torres, Aiden Gould, Macy Fischer, Mariana Delgadillo, Fernal Ventura, Jordan Saxon and Cody Brannan.

High School Principal David Sauer announced the teacher of the month, Kerry Van Cleave, who is also the campus teacher of the year.