MISD School Board approves Tunnell contract renewal


Last Monday at the Mineola School Board’s regular meeting the trustees approved Superintendent Kim Tunnell’s contract renewal.

In addition to Tunnell’s contract, 10 other district faculty members were approved for contract renewals including William Bjork, assistant superintendent of business operations; Luke Blackwell, athletic director and football coach; Kendall Gould, middle school principal; Jennifer Knipp, director of curriculum and instruction;, Mark Parkerson, director of special programs; David Sauer high school principal; Mike Sorenson, dean of students and staff affairs; Angeleia Everett, assistant elementary principal; Stacy Morris, elementary principal and Jole Ray, primary principal.

Each of the renewed contracts will expire June 30, 2020. Tunnell also announced the resignation of two staff members, Debbie Phillips who was a school nurse and Cody Smith a Kindergarten teach will both be leaving the district at the end of the school year.

Tunnell recommended Misha Goldsmith as Phillips’ replacement. All contract renewals and recommendations for faculty members during the meeting were approved unanimously 7-0.

In other news the board reviewed the district’s financial statements that show the district budgeted $7.2 million for payroll and has expended $2.4 million of that amount during the 2017-2018 school year. All other details of the district’s expenses can be found on the district website under the Feb. 26 meeting agenda packet.

The district’s tax report showed that the tax levy for the 2017 fiscal year is $5.7 million and the district has spend $4.7 million of that amount.

Currently the district is also repairing some of their facilities including a new boiler for the primary and middle school that will cost $47,000, roofing repair to the vocational agricultural building that’s will cost $2,800, a new roof estimate for an additional building that’s estimated to cost $40,500 and new heating strips to four units at the primary and middle schools that cost $8,000.

For the month of January the district had 94.5 percent of its students attend class, while the elementary campus had the highest attendance percentage with 96.8 percent of its students attending class in February.

Tunnell also announced that this year’s homecoming will be Friday, Oct. 26, with opponents the Sabine Cardinals.

Also the board agreed to allow audition videos for cheerleading as well as the removal of demerits for cheering. The board also agreed that cheerleaders will be required to cheer at all home basketball games and the district will purchase new uniforms for cheer every three years.


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