MLOTA announces winners of annual quilt show


The Mineola League of the Arts (MLOTA) presented it’s annual quilt show Oct. 11-12. The show theme was “My Favorite Holiday.”

Some 35 quilters shared their quilts and over 103 quilts were on display. Also featured was a hand quilting display and demonstration showing different styles of hand quilting.

Cecilia Nolley of Hideaway won the raffle quilt drawing. The quilt was pieced from donated basket bottoms to which the MLOTA Quilt Guild members added floral tops. Nancy Gibson of Lindale set the blocks together and Cheryl Pontious, also of Lindale, did the long-arm machine quilting. 

Show Judge, Brenda Jeschke of Buffalo, awarded the Judge’s Choice Ribbon to Donna Reach of Diana for “Jimmie’s Flower Garden.” The Best of Show ribbon, sponsored by Stitchin’ Heaven Quilt Shop with a $100 gift card, was awarded to Susan Kellam of Bullard for “Vintage Trick or Treat.” 

Mineola Mayor Kevin White chose “Doc Quinn” by Brenda Taylor of Chandler as the Mayor’s Choice ribbon winner. Meredith Foundation representatives Jerry and Shirley Phillips chose “Lonestar” as the Meredith Choice Ribbon winner. “Lonestar” was quilted by the Busy Bees at the First United Methodist Church in Lindale and was a raffle quilt from the Christian Women’s Job Corps of Lindale.

MLOTA members voted to award Reta Myers of Mineola for “Janet’s Star” with the Guild Memorial Ribbon which honors past members.

The public attending the show voted to award the Viewers’ Choice Ribbon, sponsored by Mineola Needleworks with a $100 gift certificate, to Diane Pitkin of Mineola for “Let’s Bake.”

Winners from all over the region were also awarded ribbons in 18 categories and divisions.

Hand Quilting Intermediate:

1st “Propellers” by Rosemarie Kastrau, Mineola

2nd “Windmills” by Rosemarie Kastrau, Mineola

Hand Quilting Advanced:

1st “Stray Cats” by Lynn Astumian, Mineola

Small Quilts Beginner:

1st “Cervelo Bargello” by Gary Givney, Pittsburg

Small Quilts Intermediate:

1st “Maple Cabin” by Maxine Zackey, Alba

2nd “Flower Vase” by Gaye McNett, Mineola

3rd “Dream Big” by Ardeth McCall, Yantis

Small Quilts Advanced:

1st “Total Eclipse” by Cheryll Ludberg, Clifton

2nd “I Heart NY” by Ruth Barber, Big Sandy

3rd “Fireworks” by Floyd Moss, Sulphur Springs

Bed Quilts Beginner:

1st “My Flower Garden” by Lorine West, Alba

Bed Quilts Intermediate:

1st “Summer Love” by Wilma Moss, Sulphur Springs

2nd “Julie’s Quilt” by Julia Napier, Mineola

3rd “Lanterns of the Orient” by Gaye McNett, Mineola

Bed Quilts Advanced: 

1st “Jimmie’s Flower Garden” by Donna Reagh, Diana

2nd “Hawaiian Delight” by Teresa Nickel, Meridian

3rd “Quilting Connections” by Wilma Moss, Sulphur Springs

Large Bed Quilts Beginner:

1st “Doc Quinn” by Brenda Taylor, Chandler

Large Bed Quilts Intermediate:

1st “French Country” by Cynthia Warnock, Grand Saline

2nd “Janet’s Star” by Reta Myers, Mineola

Large Bed Quilts Advanced:

1st “Mineral Matrix” by Mary Roberts, Winnsboro

2nd “The Colors of Christmas” by Kathy Grabill, Alba

3rd “Hidden Star” by Mary Beth Cobb, Longview

Speciality Techniques Intermediate:

1st “Vintage Trick or Treat” by Susan Kellam, Bullard

2nd “Snow Days” by Cheryll Lundberg, Clifton

3rd “Let’s Bake” by Diane Pitkin, Mineola

Miniatures Intermediate:

1st”Diamonds Forever” by Gaye McNett, Mineola

Miniatures Advanced:

1st “9 Patches Tumbling” by Nancy Gibson, Lindale

2nd “Butterfly Collage” by Sidney Carlisle, Meridian

3rd “Apple Cores” by Nancy Gibson, Lindale

Home Decor Intermediate:

1st “Table Runner” by Betty Byford, Mineola

2nd “Table Runner” by Gaye McNett, Mineola

3rd “Kattin’ Around” by Lyn Baldwin, Yantis

Home Decor Advanced:

1st “4th of July” by Nancy Gibson, Lindale

2nd “Christmas Table Runner” by Nancy Gibson, Lindale

Youth (18 and under):

1st “Country Unicorn” by Hayden Pierce, Humble

Show Theme:

1st “Over the River and Through the Woods” by Cheryll Lundberg, Clifton

2nd “Vintage Trick or Treat” by Susan Kellam, Meridian

3rd “Snow Days” by Cheryll Lundberg, Clifton