MLOTA celebrates another year with Art Show


Mineola League of the Arts has another Art Show under wraps .

This year’s show had 49 artists with 158 entries, with 29 from Juniors.

This is really a show worth seeing, so many fine artists with different prospectives.

Best of Show went to Richard Braun, Lindale for his drawing of “Buddy”; Best of Professional, Dodie Singler, Lindale with Chihuly Take Off , watercolor; Best of Advanced, Mary Ann Zapletal, Mineola, “Butterfly on Thistle,” oil; Best of Amateur, Regina Lopez, Wills Point, “Purple Iris,” oil; Best of Junior, Alyssa Bullard, Mineola, “When the Last Petal Falls,” graphite; Best of Sculpture, Jo Ellen West, Quitman, “Mary,” clay; The Meredith Foundation, Mary Ann Zapletal, “Butterfly on Thistle,” oil; Mayor’s Choice, Linda Davis, Flint, “Hills of Padre,” oil.

Winners in the Professional Division in Oils 1st Place, Toni Stanford, Athens,”Portrait of Amelia”; 2nd Place, Trudy Atteberry, Hawkins, “Tenacity”; 3rd Place, Linda Davidson, Tyler, “Summer’s Harvest”; Honorable Mentions: Paula Hodge, Grand Saline, “The Smirk,” “Archie’s Place,” “Iris # 3”; Toni Stanford, Athens, “Magnolias,” “Mothers Embroidery”; Judy Dumas, Hideaway, “Headin’ for Shelter”; Carol Morton, Eustace, “Cowboy Ways”; Betty Shepherd, Mineola, “Destin Sunset.”

Professional Watercolor winners were 1st Place, Helen Smith, Hawkins, “Rainy Nights in Georgia”; 2nd Place, Dodie Singler, Lindale, “Chihuly Take Off”; Carol Morton, Eustace, “Reflections on the Frio”; Honorable Mentions, Helen

Smith, Hawkins, “Happy Hour”; Paula Hodge, Grand Saline, “Iris # 4”; Dodie Singler, Lindale, “Pretty in Pink” and “Grandma’s Crystal.”

Winners in Professional Acrylic were 1st and 2nd Place, Paula Hodge, Grand Saline, “Inspired” and “Fire and Ice.”

Professional Pastel: 1st Place, Carol Morton, Eustace, “Bigmouth Bass”

Advanced Oil: 1st Place, Mary Ann Zapletal, Mineola, “Roadrunner Lookout”; Barbara Braun, Lindale, “Reflective Inspiration”; 3rd Place, Linda Davis, Flint, “Hills of Padre”; Honorable Mentions: Linda Davis, “Picnic in the Park”; Barbara Braun, “Shrimping”; Janice Manning, Tyler, “North Carolina Fall”; Vickie Steed, Hawkins, “Just a Texas Boy.”

Advanced Watercolor: 1st Place, Vickie Steed, Hawkins, No Title # 1; 2nd Place, Jo Ellen West, Quitman, “Blue Storm”; 3rd Place, Elise Smothermon, Hawkins, “Growth”; Honorable Mentions: Vickie Steed, Hawkins, No Title # 3, # 5, # 2, # 4.

Advanced Acrylic: 1st and 2nd Place, Monique Dorsey, Tyler, “Abstract in Turquoise” and “Peacock Feathers”; 3rd Place, Barbara Braun, Lindale, “Blue Shrimper”; Honorable Mentions, June Epp, Tyler, “Malaga Village”; Richard Napier, Mineola, “A Different Perspective.”

Advanced Pastel: 1st and 2nd Place, Pat Mapes, Mineola, “Hope” and “Pelican.”

Advanced Drawing: 1st Place, Richard Braun, Lindale, “Apollo”; 2nd and 3rd Place, Monique Dorsey, Tyler, “Gidget” and “Expensive Pets # 2”; Honorable Mention, Richard Braun, Lindale, “Brick.”

Amateur Oil: 1st Place, Regina Lopez, Wills Point, “Purple Iris”; 2nd Place, Ira VanCleave, Quitman, “Backyard Garden”; 3rd Place, Eva Doyal, Mineola, “House in the Woods.”

Amateur Watercolor: 1st Place, Eva Doyal, Mineola, “Hummingbird”; 2nd and 3rd Place, Patricia Fitzgibbons, Tyler, “Pure Joy” and “China Town.”

Amateur Acrylic: 1st and 2nd Place, Shirley Gordon, Mineola, “Melancholy Mazie” and “Independent Isabelle”; 3rd Place and Honorable Mention, Glenda Coleman, Alba, “Spring Daiseys” and “Grandma’s Pans.”

Amateur Pastel: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place, Regina Lopez, Wills Point, “Portrait of Will,” “Adoration - Mother & Child,” “Beach Baby.”

Amateur Drawing: 1st Place, Marsha Brown, Quitman, “Maucaw Times Two”; 2nd Place, Glenda Coleman, Alba, “Spring Daiseys”; 3rd Place, Marsha Brown, “All of That” and “Jackson.”

Amateur Other: Mixed:1st, 2nd, 3rd, Honorable Mentions, Rosemarie Kastrau, Mineola, “Nova,” “Four Seasons,” “Tannebaum” and “Shared Dreams I.”

In the Junior Division ( ages 13-18): Abstract Art, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place, Darby Garrett, Golden, “Toucan,” “Colors in the Wind” and “Avator.” Human Art, 1st Place, Caitlyn Hudson, Mineola, “Me,” Acrylic; Holly Griffin, Mineola, “Anything at All,” Other: Mixed; 3rd Place, Kaitlyn Moore, Hawkins, “A Soul of Lead,” Drawing; Also 3rd Place, Moriah Yancy, Hawkins, “Sweet Jane,” watercolor; Marie Ferguson, Mineola, “A Self Portrait with Flowers,” Pastel; Kaitlyn Moore, Hawkins, “Solitary Confinement,” Other: Mixed.

Animals: 1st Place, Caitlyn Hudson, Mineola, “Rebirth of Truth,” Drawing; 2nd Place Alyssa Arguijo, Mineola, “Post-Apocalyptic Happyness,” Other: Mixed; 3rd Place, Shelbie Green, Mineola, “Headlights,” Oil; Chloe Stone, Hawkins, “Elephant in the Room,” Drawing.

Next year’s paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc. It is held the second week of April every year. For more information on classes at the League, check our website, www. or come visit.


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