Monitor changing days


The Wood County Monitor is moving its publication day to Thursday.

The change will become effective in March, according to Monitor Publisher Phil Major.

“This change will benefit our readers, our advertisers and our staff,” Major said.

For readers, news events that occur on Monday nights, such as important school board and city council meetings, and the recent basketball playoffs, can make it into that week’s paper rather than the following week. Also obituaries will be more up-to-date with an extra business day to allow funeral homes to submit articles.

For advertisers, it will give the marketing staff the ability to work with businesses on Monday throughout the day, as well as other advertisers such as those hosting garage sales.

Previously, with deadlines on Friday, anything that came up over the weekend was difficult to get into the current edition.

And the move will also give the staff an extra weekday to get the paper ready for printing.

This will mean that the newspaper will hit news stands on Wednesday, rather than Tuesday. And subscribers accustomed to getting the paper in the mail on Wednesday will have it arriving on Thursday.

“I’m sure we will be getting several phone calls on March 6,” Major said.

He noted that this new routine is the typical production schedule for the large percent of weekly community newspapers.


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