New Alba council member named mayor pro tem


Don Heinert became the newest member of the Alba City Council Tuesday, May 7 and immediately took on the added duty of mayor pro tem.

Heinert was sworn into office along with Mayor Preston Hass and Councilman Larry Harris, who were both reelected without opposition.

Heinert also had no opposition in the May election and took over the seat that had been held by his wife, Marja. She had also been serving as mayor pro tem.

The council reappointed Charles Busby as the municipal judge. His term follows the mayor’s.

The council accepted a $1,400 bid for a 2006 Ford police patrol car. It was the highest of four bids ranging from $500, and Police Chief Tim Koonce said he had hoped to get $1,500 for the vehicle, so the $1,400 bid by James Phillips was acceptable.

The council discussed an offer from Government Capital to refinance the city’s 2009 certificates of obligation at a savings of $134,000 over 20 years.

The council asked the firm to be present for the June meeting to answer questions.

The 30-year note costs the city about $77,000 per year in interest and principal.

The certificates funded a new water well, storage tank, water lines and fire hydrants, resulting in decreased insurance rates.