Sheriff’s Report

Jim Brown
Posted 5/7/13

April 25

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Sheriff’s Report


April 25

Deputy William Burge was dispatched to a structure fire on CR 4529. Burge arrived to find a single story home fully engulfed in flames. The home's owner advised that she was not at home when the fire started but her adult son was. The son stated that he had been watching his baby niece and had put her down for a nap and gone outside briefly. When he returned inside, he could see and smell smoke and quickly grabbed up the baby and ran outside to call 911. The homeowner did not have an insurance policy and according to the Winnsboro Fire Chief the fire most likely started from a space heater which had been plugged into an extension cord.

April 26

Deputy Bradley Armendariz was dispatched to a location on Highway 154 west of Quitman for an assault with bodily injury. The complainant stated that her boyfriend shoved her to the ground and took her phone away and threw it into the bushes before leaving the residence. The deputy was able to observe injuries on the woman. Matthew David Gruver, 27, of Tyler was later located and arrested for the offense of assault causing bodily injury, family member.

Deputy Atkinson also responded to an assault call on CR 1835. The complainant stated that his wife, from whom he was separated, had burst through the back door of his rental property yelling and throwing his belongings to the floor. The man advised that when he asked his wife to leave, she began yelling at his girlfriend who was also present at the residence. According to the complainant, his wife lashed out at him with closed fisted strikes and broke his necklace in an attempt to choke him. The deputy took photographs of the disrupted property. The complainant did not wish medical attention or to apply for a protective order. This case has been assigned to an investigator.

Deputy Atkinson took a burglary of a habitation report from a residence on CR 4580. The complainant stated that he had left the property nine days earlier and when he returned he noticed that the rear door was open and the wire had been stripped from the residence. Entry appeared to have been gained through the back door which had visible damage. The man also stated that the house was a rental property and had been vacant for several weeks. The electric meter and service wire from the adjacent RV had also been stolen. The residence sustained approximately $3,500 in damage. This case has been passed on to an investigator.

Deputy Aaron Warren responded to a burglary of a habitation on CR 1750. Warren was met by the son of the property owner who stated that the residence is a weekend home and was last occupied six days earlier. The man further reported that he had arrived to find the garage door open and a 2011 Kawasaki Mule 4x4 missing. The point of entry was identified to be the side window that had been broken with a landscaping stone. The garage, a separate building from the house, contained many valuable items that were not taken. A Colt .22 revolver was discovered to be missing from inside the house. Entry into the residence was also gained through a broken window. This case has been turned over to investigators.

Deputy Donivan South was dispatched to a burglary of a habitation on CR 1602. The complainant advised that her great-granddaughter had stayed several days with her recently and the complainant believes that she was responsible for items being stolen from the home. The woman further stated that this has happened in the past and she would like it to stop. Approximately 15 audio speakers of various brands and sizes were missing from the home along with a small space heater, two desktop computers and an antique coin collection. A check by the woman's son of an outbuilding revealed boxes of items neatly packed and apparently waiting to be picked up. The complainant's son was also able to point out several items missing from the building including a large air compressor, a tire changing machine, two large block and tackles, two 20 foot air hoses, assorted scrap metal, a tabletop band saw, a 5 foot tall green oxygen tank for welding, and an intake manifold for a Chevy V6. This case has been turned over to investigators.

Sgt. Tim Baucom took a report from a residence on CR 1835 of a burglary of a building. The complainant stated that he was missing 16-18 cedarboardsmeasuring1x6 x 8 which had last been seen approximately 5:00 pm the day prior. Baucom took photographs of where the boards had been located and placed them with the case file to be forwarded to investigators.

April 27

Deputy Kevin Atkinson was dispatched to a residence on FM 17 for an assault call. The complainant stated that he had been speaking with his sister on the phone when he overheard a verbal altercation between his sister and her father in which the father was yelling and using obscenities. The man was outside the residence and made entry when he heard what appeared to be the sounds of physical contact. It was later determined that the 16 year old had struck her father twice in the face with a closed fist and in return he punched her in the nose causing it to bleed. Both refused medical attention. Larry Kenneth Leach, 59, of Alba was arrested for the offense of assault causing bodily injury, family violence.

Sgt. Tim Baucom, Deputies Donivan South and Brad Cates, Investigator Sgt. Jacob Richardson and a DPS trooper all responded to a call from the area of Loop 564 and FM 49 reporting a man walking down the road with blood all over him. The DPS trooper made contact with the subject first and called for EMS to check the man who was suffering from a head wound that he claimed he received when he was struck with a club multiple times. Upon Sgt. Baucom's arrival at the location, he observed that the man was disoriented and appeared to be intoxicated as well. Deputy South was able to make contact with a subject who claimed to be a witness to the assault and later led deputies to a location on CR 2502 where the assault took place. Witnesses at that location informed deputies that the injured man had been at the residence, claiming to have a gun, and when asked to leave became enraged and attacked a man at the residence first with a knife and then with a screwdriver. The man reportedly defended himself using a baseball bat against his attacker. Multiple witness statements confirmed that the injured man was the aggressor. David Doyle Mc- Carmick, 31, of Alba was arrested upon his release from ETMC and charged with the offense of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Mc- Carmick was transported to the jail and discovered to be in possession of a substance suspected to be marijuana as well as a vial of medication which proved to be stolen from the hospital.

Deputy Donivan South was dispatched to CR 4490 for a burglary of a habitation. The complainant advised that she was at her deceased grandmother's house to pack up the belongings and get the house ready to rent out. When she arrived, she found that someone had entered the house through a window and taken a flat screen TV and a DVD/VCR combo. Also missing from the residence was approximately 150 feet of copper wire that had been cut from the attic. The complainant also stated that she believes the burglary occurred sometime the preceding day after 12:00 pm. Photographs were taken at the scene and the case has been passed on to an investigator.

Deputy Heath Richardson took a report of criminal mischief from Johnny's Auto Service on Highway 80. The complainant stated that someone had broken the latch on a door that was built into a bay door but entry was not gained due to there being a wall built behind the door. No other attempted forced entry was noted and nothing appeared to be missing from the business. The complainant simply wanted a report made and requested extra patrol for the area.

Deputy Kevin Atkinson encountered two SUVs parked in the driveway of a residence on SH 37 north at approximately 10 pm. Atkinson made contact with the driver of the first SUV who stated that he had run out of gas and the second SUV was there to bring him some more. The deputy did observe a small gas container in the back of the second SUV. The female driver of the second SUV asked permission to leave the scene as she had several small child passengers and Atkinson consented. He then identified the driver and passenger of the first SUV and determined that the driver had an active warrant for his arrest. The driver was asked to exit the vehicle but instead fled the scene. Atkinson pursued the vehicle for a short distance, but decided to terminate the pursuit for safety reasons.

April 28

Deputy Heath Richardson took a report of a burglary of a building in the Lake Lydia area. The complainant stated that a generator had been stolen from his shop building. The man further stated that he had two generators in the shop building when he went to bed the night before and when he awoke he found that one of them was missing. The shop building had been left unlocked overnight as the man was in the process of moving. Information was collected concerning possible suspects in the case and forwarded to the criminal investigations division.

Deputy Kevin Atkinson took a report from a residence on Nell Street in Yantis of a burglary of a habitation. The complainant stated that she and her roommates had arrived home to find multiple items, including an xbox game system and controller, a digital camera, DVDs and a push mower, missing from the residence. Entry was believed to have occurred through an unlocked door. Information concerning a possible suspect has been forwarded to investigators.

Deputy Heath Richardson was dispatched to a private road in the Mineola for a theft report. The complainant stated that she noticed the electrical box missing from the power pole and upon closer inspection, realized the box had been ripped from the pole. Information was gathered concerning possible suspects and has been forwarded to CID.

April 29

Deputy Dustin Moffett responded to a report of a structure fire on CR 1676 in the Alba area. The Alba Volunteer Fire Department was already on scene attempting to extinguish the blaze when Moffett arrived. Approximately 10 minutes after the deputy arrived, a woman arrived on the scene who claimed to be the owner of the unoccupied residence. The woman stated that she believed the power was not on at the house as no one lived there and almost everything of value had been removed from the house. The woman also advised that she had been in the process of getting approval to do a controlled burn on the property but had not yet finalized the request. The woman allowed the fire department to let the structure continue to burn. Fire department personnel remained on scene until the fire burned itself out.

Deputy Austin Cryer responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle in the area of CR 2177. Cryer located the vehicle and made contact with the driver. A routine check of the driver showed him to be wanted and he was subsequently arrested. Routine checks of the 1996 Buick's license plates revealed that they belonged on a 1997 Ford registered to a person from Mineola. A check of the car's registration came back to a 1994 Ford registered to a person from Kilgore. Brian Keith McCoy, 44, of Tyler was initially arrested for bond forfeiture, theft by check over $20, under $500 and was later charged with display fictitious license plate and display fictitious motor vehicle registration.

April 30

Deputy Dustin Moffett responded to a report of theft on CR 3232. The complainant stated that he was missing several tools from a shed located behind his residence and a red gas can from his front porch. The man also stated that he believes the shed was unlocked during the time of the burglary. Missing items include a Hitachi 18 volt drill; a Husqvarna chain saw; a Black and Decker polisher and a Craftsman router. Several other items that were easily accessible had not been disturbed. This case has been forwarded to an investigator.

May 1

Deputies took a total of four reports from the Alba area of stolen gas cans. The gas cans were various sizes and contained various amounts of gasoline. All cases have been turned over to CID for continued investigation.

Deputy Heath Richardson took a report from the area of CR 2270 of a burglary of a building. The complainant stated that someone had broken into his storage building and stolen a Stihl chain saw and a DeWalt reciprocating saw. Entry into the building was gained by cutting the latch with an unknown tool. Photos were taken at the scene and will be forwarded to investigators.

Deputy Aaron Warren took a theft report from the area of CR 4583. The complainant stated that a Husky 26 gallon air compressor had been stolen from the yard. Information useful in identifying the compressor was collected and will be passed on to investigators.

CID Summary

Several arrests have been made recently related to burglaries that have been occurring throughout the county.

Sheriff Jim Brown personally traveled to Henderson County and apprehended Davey Hall on seven outstanding warrants for burglary of a vehicle, one burglary of a habitation and a revocation of probation warrant. The burglaries all occurred in the Quitman area. Hall is currently being held at the Wood County Jail.

Investigators were able to obtain an arrest warrant for Randall Todd Greenough of Yantis after they ran a search warrant at a storage building which led to recovery of stolen property.

Danny Vince Bohannan of Alba was arrested after an intense investigation into residential burglaries in the Alba area. Bohannan's arrest led to the recovery of several thousand dollars worth of jewelry as well as a 2011 Kawasaki Mule.