QDC handing out business assistance checks


The Quitman Development Corporation (QDC) has had a good response from local businesses responding to its short-term grant offer.

QDC Board President Martha Scroggins said the group is trying to get money into people’s hands this week and they were writing checks Monday, April 6.

“I understand there have been 20 applications that have been dropped off at city hall,” Scroggins said Friday. “What we are going to do is call and verify that they have applied, get their address and verify they are a Quitman business or service and we are going to cut checks. Once we verify their information – and we are not asking for financial information, we don’t care anything about that – we will make out the checks and work out a way to hand them off. They can come to the office and we can hand it to them through the door or we can deliver.”

Scroggins added, “It’s on a first-come, first-served basis. The deadline is April 10. If by the 10th we are out of money, then we are out of money. We are not waiting until the tenth to issue funds because we know people need the money now.  It’s just a small amount, but maybe it will help with food for a week or an electric bill or for rent.”

The QDC was able to give 24 grants to local businesses in the city limits of Quitman.

“We do have a little bit left over and we have until April 10. We just wanted to get checks out to help people as soon as we possibly could,” Scroggins remarked.

Board member Mayor Pro Tem David Dobbs was on hand to pass out checks Monday.

“We are up to about $7,600 or something like that. We have mailed a couple and we are waiting on some to come by and pick up the checks we have written today,” Dobbs stated. “As a board member we are honored to be able to help our business owners in the community in a small way just to extend our appreciation for what they do for all of us.”

The QDC board had approved $9,999 for the project which leaves the organization $2,399 to be disbursed in grants. 

Of the 24 successful grant applicants, two took the $500 in gift card option while the remaining 22 businesses opted for the $300 cash.