QISD facility committee to study naming theater


A proposal to formally name the Quitman ISD Auditorium after Kristina Linker Johnson was put on hold until the board has time to study the matter and come back with a plan.

The popular theater teacher passed away recently.

“I want to make sure we do it correctly and do it the right way,” Superintendent Rhonda Turner said. “I would like for our facilities committee to take this on knowing we are going to honor her and do something in her name. I want to give you all the opportunity to look through all these letters that have been submitted so you would have a good understanding of what we need to do for her.”

Board member Doug Cameron said, “I am an alumni of Quitman High School and I had teachers who touched my life for many, many years and there is not a building named after them. I do believe when we do this in honoring a teacher, and Ms. Johnson  is due this honor, we need to plan for the future as well because there will be many teachers or superintendents or principals who have touched lives as well.”

Prior to making a motion, former student Daniel Gambill said, “After I got news that Ms. J had passed I found myself going over just how important she was to me. She was more than a teacher. She invested her life into ours. She focused her life and energy in making each one of us to become better people. She is undoubtedly one of the most important people in my life. Without her I wouldn’t have my wife so I would therefore not have my son and without her I wouldn’t have found my calling.”

Cameron made the motion for the facilities committee to come back and make a recommendation at their earliest convenience. The motion passed. 

The board approved a resolution to commit $1 million from fund balance for future needs related to facilities and maintenance and construction for five years.

The board called a special meeting July 27 to decide on the public meeting date on the budget and proposed tax rate.