QISD superintendent earns Lamar Medal of Excellence


The Quitman Flora Masonic Lodge awarded Quitman ISD Superintendent Rhonda Turner,  the Mirabeau B. Lamar Medal of Excellence.  The  Mirabeau B. Lamar  award was established in 1988 to recognize outstanding achievements in academics, citizenship, community service or sports.

Mirabeau B. Lamar, a Free Mason, was the 1st Vice President and 2nd President of the Republic of Texas.  As president, he was distinguished as “The Father of Texas Education”.

Turner was excited about being chosen for the award.

“The first year I taught school I wasn’t sure I made the right career choice. It was hard! It was much harder than any college professor every let on. But the years of service bring wisdom and discernment, and with that I found my ‘why’.

“I serve in public education because with all of my being I believe that the public school system is the safeguard to the continued success of our state and our country,” Turner noted. “Think about it for just a minute, every child that comes to a public school is welcomed and educated. It doesn’t matter what they look like, how they talk, their socio-economic level, who their parents are, or at what academic level they are performing.”

Turner feels Lamar would be proud of the award given his name. “Public schools remain a source of consistency for the children in our communities and to our future. I think that Mirabeau B. Lamar would be very proud that Texas Public Schools remain strong and committed to the education of young people,” Turner commented. “I feel humbled to be recognized for my small contributions to public education in his honor.”


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