Quitman ISD seeing progress in state-mandated STAAR tests




Quitman ISD made strides in its STAAR test scores during the 2018-19 school year.

STAAR, which stands for State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, results are categorized by certain levels: approaches grade level, meets grade level and masters grade level in 22 subjects tested from third to 11th grade.

STAAR scores play a significant role in a district’s state report card, which is expected to be out later this month.

Quitman students scored higher in 52 out of 66 tested subjects throughout the performance categories compared to Region 7 area school districts. They also scored higher in 40 of the 66 groups compared to districts across the state.

Region 7 is made up of 96 school districts and 13 charter schools across the East Texas region.

Texas Education Agency (TEA) has set a goal for school districts to achieve “30/60/90” by 2030. This means the objective is to have 90 percent of the students approach the grade level, 60 percent meet grade level and 30 percent master the grade level for each of the STAAR tests by the year 2030.

Quitman Superintendent Rhonda Turner said the district is making great progress toward reaching the state’s goal. QISD educators will also work toward bettering areas in need of improvement.

“QISD remains committed to providing an outstanding education to our students. Our state assessment results as compared to Region 7 and the state are very strong,” Turner said. “We have identified strategies and supports for areas that need assistance and will continue set the bar high for our students.”

She noted the importance of other areas in education other than how students perform on a test.

“We also recognize that our students are far more than a test score so we are constantly looking at ways to bring programs and instruction that are relevant to our students in the 21st century,” Turner said.

From third to eighth grade, students take state mathematics and reading tests. Writing tests are taken in fourth and seventh grade. Science tests are taken in fifth and eighth grade, while social studies is given in eighth grade.

STAAR end-of-course assessments, which are required for high school graduation, are algebra I, biology, English I, English II, and U.S. history.