Quitman Police Report, Mar. 18-31


March 18

Officer Corbin Hanner responded to a parking lot on S. Main Street concerning a subject who was possibly suicidal and in possession of a firearm. Hanner was informed by witnesses the subject had left and was possibly en route to his residence. The man was eventually located at his residence where Cpl. Austin Milbourn was able to de-escalate the situation. The man was transferred to the hospital for evaluation and possible treatment.

March 19

Officer Hanner took a report from a Holiday Villages man who stated he believed his 14-year-old Shih Tzu dog had been stolen from the kennel attached to his RV. The man also stated he believed the dog may be running at large within the Quitman city limits. An incident report was completed for documentation purposes.

March 20

Cpl. Milbourn took a report from a local business owner who stated he believed his teenage grandson had stolen items from his store. According to the complainant, the grandson could be seen on camera taking items from a display case and possibly putting them down his pants. It was later discovered that some of the property thought to be stolen was actually not stolen but possibly put back before the young man left the store. The complainant advised that he did wish to proceed with criminal charges. Due to the value of the stolen property, this offense is a Class C misdemeanor.

March 21

Just after 1 a.m. Officer Jim Rapp was dispatched to a residence on Randy Road in reference to a disturbance in progress. Rapp arrived to find two males and one female outside. The female advised that she had been pushed to the ground by one of the males and she just wanted him to gather his things and leave. Rapp advised the man to leave and not return otherwise he would be taken to jail. The woman was later provided with a domestic violence packet.

Officer Linda Williams was dispatched to the parking lot of Brookshire’s grocery store where a Good Samaritan advised that he had witnessed a red truck back into a black Lincoln and leave without making contact with the Lincoln’s owner. A possible license plate number of the red truck was provided, but a records check did not return any results. Williams made contact with the owner of the Lincoln and advised him of the situation. Interviews with witnesses revealed several people who saw the truck but no others who witnessed the actual event.

March 26

Cpl. Milbourn was notified of an intoxicated person who had left the hospital without a way to get home. Milbourn located the man and confirmed that he showed multiple signs of intoxication. Attempts were made in vain to find the man a ride home. Deeming him to be a danger to himself, as he had already crossed a busy state highway on foot, Milbourn took the man into custody. Mitchell Ferrari, 51, of Yreka, Cal. was charged with public intoxication.

March 27

Officers Hanner and Williams initiated a traffic stop in the area of S. Main Street after witnessing a vehicle with a defective stopping lamp. Hanner and Williams made contact with the driver who stated he did not have his driver’s license with him. The driver and the front seat passenger advised there was no insurance on the car. Recognizing the man to be wanted on a Wood County felony warrant, Hanner attempted to detain the man until the warrant could be confirmed. The man would not exit his vehicle and instead fled the scene with Hanner and Williams in pursuit. The pursuit was quickly terminated as the man was traveling in excess of 100 mph and was deemed a danger to the public. Two days later, the man was taken into custody on the outstanding felony warrant. A warrant was obtained for Mason Craig Monday, 32, of Winnsboro, for evading arrest/detention with a vehicle with previous conviction(s) and was served at county jail.

March 31

At 3:15 a.m. Officer Joe Andrade was dispatched to a residence on Tucker Street. The complainant advised his son had broken a window trying to get into the house and he sought to press charges. The man also stated he wished to have a criminal trespass warning issued to his son. After learning that the man’s son also resided at the residence, the complainant was informed that he would have to formally evict his son if he wanted him permanently removed. The son advised he could stay at a friend’s house for the remainder of the night. The complainant was advised to provide an estimate for the repair to the window for the purpose of determining which charge to file.