Sanderson Farms announces wage increases; employment level at Mineola facility totals 25


Sanderson Farms, which recently opened production facilities in Mineola, Lindale, Tyler and Winona, announced significant increases in compensation to workers effective June 2.

“Sanderson Farms has always taken pride in employing the best people the workforce has to offer. We recognize that if we are to continue competing for and retaining these exceptional people, our compensation package must also be among the best available,” Lampkin Butts, president and chief operating officer of Sanderson Farms, said in a prepared statement.

The company, the nation’s third largest poultry producer, began operations in Wood and Smith County in late January to early February.

In Mineola, where a feed mill is located, the company currently employs 25 people with one open position, said company spokeswoman Anna Neel. Sanderson Farms employs 61 workers with two openings at its hatchery in Lindale, and it employs 31 people with three openings at its truck shop in Winona. At its large facility in Tyler, the company employs 957 workers in processing and 61 in production, according to Neel.

Sanderson Farms’ Tyler division is still ramping up to full capacity, therefore the number of employees will grow as that process continues, Neel said.

With implementation of the pay increase, hourly line operators who have been employed with Sanderson Farms for at least 90 days will be compensated to an increased rate of at least $15 an hour, according to the company. The new pay scale for Sanderson Farms truck drivers will span from $20.35 to $22.90 per hour, with hourly maintenance employee pay ranging from $19.95 to $27.45.

On average, the company’s hourly employees will earn more than teachers’ assistants, nurses’ assistants, bank tellers and security guards, said the company, which based its statement on 2018 wage data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.