Selfless examples


Dear editor:

My name is Grant Madden. I had the honor of having a few of the Mineola Fire Department members in a class I help teach at the Texas A&M Spring fire school in College Station. Mark Hooks and Javier Ortega were in the class held at the Brayton Fire Field April 2-6. Their behavior at that class is why I am writing you this letter. 

While watching over the class groups, I witnessed Mr. Hooks assist another fireman with a tool called a Glass Master that is used for removing window glass in wrecked cars and allows firemen access to the injured patients in the car. The fireman was attempting to break the side glass out of the car and was having a difficult time trying to get it to break. Mr. Hooks gently stopped the fireman and showed him a way to easily break the glass versus swinging the tool so hard. Mr. Hooks demonstrated the process but did not actually break the glass. Instead he handed the tool back to the young fireman and allowed him the honor of breaking the glass quickly and easily with the newfound knowledge. 

The community should be proud to have such selfless examples on their fire department roster. The above is only one example of their selfless attitude. Both of them participated very well in class and passed the written test on Friday with flying colors. 

Grant Madden