Son of state champ returns for f-ball camp


David Smith, the son of Mineola state champion hurdler and Sports Hall of Fame member Joe Bob Smith, returned to teach a football skills camp and hurdles camp on Friday.

“It’s natural to be back,” said Smith. “The little fee that they are paying for this will go towards upgrading their hall of honor they have here for athletes. I’ve got 38 years of experience with people who have played in the NFL, All-American and All-State. I need to give that back to some other kids. I’m going to sell myself so they that I know what I’m talking about. ”

Smith served as the head coach at 6A Klein Oak before retiring after 22 years, while there he oversaw 45 coaches. Smith also coached at Oklahoma University and Northern Illinois University. Now Smith teaches camps and runs his Status Hurdle Academy.


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