South is south, north is north ... except when it’s south


Have you ever wondered what oblivious sadist labels food packages “resealable tear here?”

I’ve come to the conclusion there must be some out there since a large part of the time when these packages are opened they, at least at my house, end up going in a Ziploc bag to continue to keep the contents fresh. Or, with some unnamed actors (that’s cop talk) and certain packages (teriyaki beef jerky), you feel obligated to eat all of the contents at one sitting.

I know as my mother aged, a lot of those little tasks like grabbing a tiny strip of near invisible plastic and tearing along a dotted line became much more difficult for her. Opening a bottle of cranberry juice was impossible and it would wait until one of us went to see her. Since I’m already having trouble and almost always have to one, go and get my glasses to see it and two, retrieve a true resealable plastic bag anyway, or three ask Hubby to open it, I wonder what I’ll be like if I’m fortunate enough to reach her age. But I also wonder why manufacturers waste the energy to mark the things resealable when they usually aren’t.

Speaking of things mislabeled, I think I’ve earned the office stubbornness award (surely this must be a first) for something that still just doesn’t make sense to me.

We had a business running an ad in our paper with an address of Highway 37 south. Think about it. That couldn’t be right, I thought, because the only highway headed south out of Mineola is Highway 69. I believe my co-workers were (not so) silently amused at the length I went to right this wrong until one day, I happened to answer a telephone call from the owner of that particular business.

I tactfully avoided saying this had to be wrong by just explaining to her I found it confusing and wondered how it could be. She explained to me that was in fact the true and correct address for the property she had been given by the post office. I later spoke to someone in the city dispatch operations who said they believed that address came from people who assigned 911 addresses.

Do you guess they are calling it south because that portion of the highway goes south out of Quitman, even though this location is in Mineola and within walking distance of Walmart?

I had come to accept that a Mineola address on a highway going north of Mineola is actually called south until I noticed that showing up on a law enforcement report again this week. Is it just me, or do you see lots of potential for confusion on this?


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