St. Dunstan’s installing rector


The Church of St. Dunstan in Mineola will install a new rector on Saturday, Sept. 28 at 3:30 p.m. at the church, 800 N. Johnson. A reception will follow.

Bishop Fraser W. Lawton, who hails from Peace River, Alberta, Canada came to Texas on sabbatical shortly after Fr. Thomas Pantle retired in May 2018. He led the church, as the Vestry initiated its search for a new rector. It became clear that the Bishop’s warmth and charisma were vital to the life of the parish family and would be such a blessing to the Church of St. Dunstan. 

While in East Texas, Bishop Lawton and his wife, Veronica fell in love with the friendliness of the people, the energy at St. Dunstan and of all things, the heat. The Rt. Rev. Dr. George R. Sumner, Bishop for the Diocese of Dallas, commented in a recent letter to St. Dunstan’s, “The Lawtons bring many gifts, and I foresee a time of great fruitfulness and creativity, a new season in St. Dunstan’s ministry.” 

Under the direction of Bishop Lawton St. Dunstan will become a second Cathedral in the Diocese of Dallas, known as a pro-cathedral. Bishop Sumner added, “For our Lord is calling St. Dunstan to a leadership role in East Texas on behalf of our other congregations. This expanded role will become more fully developed after Bishop Lawton’s arrival in September.

Bishop Lawton and Veronica will make their home in Mineola and welcome all to attend the Church of St. Dunstan and become part of the church family.