State-mandated security measures being installed at Mineola City Hall


During the last three weeks, work crews have been busily installing security devices at Mineola City Hall.

The city council was informed by Municipal Judge Kyle Waggoner during a workshop last month that the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 1913, requiring offices where municipal court is being conducted to have security devices in place. Waggoner pointed out that while the municipal court deals only with class C misdemeanors, a few people still get disgruntled due to proceedings.

Many of the changes were already in place last week and include a security wall that eliminates free access to city hall offices to the public. City hall visitors will also find the women who provide customer service separated by a wall of glass that adjoins the counter.

City Administrator Mercy Rushing reinforced that these and other measures were required by the state. Among the security additions, she noted, is a camera and audio recording inside the council meeting chambers. 

Rushing noted that the actions are necessary and that the city hall staff, from time-to-time, deals with complaints. She recalled one incident in which an irate person spit in the eye of one of the staffers behind the counter.

Rushing said the city wanted its citizens to know that the people who work at city hall, as well as the public when they attend city council meeting,s are safe.


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