Students make their voice heard


As district officials aim to create the best learning environment possible, Mineola students made their voice heard through the district’s student survey.

District officials released the results of the survey last Monday during their board meeting. The presentation’s first slide noted, “Schools must exist for the sake of helping each and every student toward a further destination – his or her aspirations.”

Students in grades six through 12 were administered the survey over a three-year period. It included eight key focus areas: belonging, heroes, sense of accomplishment, fun and excitement, curiosity and creativity, responsibility and confidence to take action, leadership and spirit of adventure.

Of the 406 students surveyed in 2018, 59 feel school is a welcoming place, 62 of them feel teachers are making an effort to get to know them, 45 note teachers care about their problems, 57 say bullying is a problem in their school and 20 of them feel they have a problem fitting in at school.

Some of the other responses showed 60 students feel their teachers recognize when students do their best, 40 students disagree they give up when schoolwork is difficult, 42 feel teachers let parents know what students do well and 49 students disagree they have never been recognized for something positive at school.

Likewise, 42 students said they enjoy being at school, 49 students say teachers enjoy working with them, 39 said school is an exciting place to learn, 61 believe learning can be fun and 17 students disagreed ‘school is boring.’

Mineola school district will now look over the results in order to better improve the student learning experience. Some of the efforts planned include a leadership development workshop, a superintendent advisory board, social-emotional development resources as well as other strategies in the future.


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