Man arrested for alleged theft at Tractor Supply


Mineola police arrested a man on South Pacific Street on Dec. 27 after he allegedly walked out of the Tractor Supply store with stolen property.

After the store called to report the theft, police responded to the 1000 block of South Pacific Street shortly before noon and detained a man who was walking. The suspect gave police the name of a family member, but an officer recognized the accused thief as Stacy Lynn Gipson, 57, of Mineola.

According to police, Gipson had stolen merchandize on his person and he also was wanted on a felony warrant for allegedly stealing merchandize from Cade’s on Dec. 14.

Gipson was arrested for felony theft as well as evading arrest and failing to identify himself as a fugitive from justice. According to court records, Gipson has a long criminal history that includes burglary and theft.

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