Thursday scrimmage gives Panthers’ coach perspective


During the Alba-Golden Panther’s scrimmage against T.K. Gorman on Thursday Coach Derek Smith the game did what it was supposed to and gave him insight on the strengths and weaknesses of his football teams.

Smith said in the scripted session of the scrimmage the Panthers lost 2-0. In the live quarter they lost 2-1.

Smith said Gorman was up one to nothing and the Panthers drove the ball all the way to the three-yard line but “couldn’t punch it in.” Gorman got the ball and scored, making it 2-1.

The Panthers’ coach said, “I thought for the most part the offensive line blocked pretty well.” He said the defensive line didn’t some play well in secondary. He said the defense was able to stop Gorman when they ran the ball, but didn’t do well on Gorman’s passing game.

As far as the opponent, he said, “they’re pretty good.” He believes one of their receivers may have committed to Texas Christian University and they have a tall quarterback, 6’3” or so, who could make passes.

“It was good for our defense to see the throwing game,” he said. And, he said, “It is good for us to see good competition leading into the Hawkins game. I like that.”

Smith also said he thought David Pennington and Dakota Melton ran the ball really well. “Those two kind of stood out.” And, he said, “We’re young and we’re just going to get better at this point.”

The A-G junior varsity won their game 2-1.

A-G’s Panthers are gearing up to play the Hawkins Hawks in an away game on Friday with game time at 7:30 p.m.


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