Time to move from walking to doing


St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church hosted a community wide luncheon, along with the Mineola Ministerial Alliance, on Monday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the work he did to encourage equality and unity among all races.

Just as the civil rights marches of Dr. King’s time, St. Paul MBC usually has a group march on Martin Luther King Day. However, this year, Pastor Demethrius Boyd said he didn’t feel led to organize one. 

“It’s time to move from the walking to the doing, but it’s going to take courage,” he vowed.

Pastor Boyd pointed out that the community has taken some hard hits over the past year, but he hopes it will continue to unify.

“What we’ve been through did not destroy us,” said Pastor Boyd. 

In a nation that feels divided and that challenges people to be who they’re supposed to be, Boyd said doing the right thing will always overcome anything. 

“Right loves. Right cares. Right even covers a multitude of faults with love. Right will always prevail if you have people with a heart to do right,” Boyd said.

He went on to encourage those who have the heart and ability to do so, to stand up for those who can’t stand for themselves. 

Even though he knows it will take sacrifices, Boyd said he will continue to stand and be committed to this community that he loves.

Pamela Dountas, president of Mineola Ministerial Alliance and director of senior adult ministries at First United Methodist Church, spoke briefly before closing the service with prayer. 

Dountas said when she looked around the church, she was filled with joy because of the beautiful faces she saw there. She said she also grieves for the empty seats.

After the prayer, the congregation enjoyed a time of food and fellowship. As Boyd said, “You rekindle love by getting to know people.”