School values


Dear editor:

Old school values revolve around integrity. They are based on the assumption that reading, math and history take a backseat to honesty, fairness, respect and diligence.

Unfortunately, for most students today, the moral compass seems to be stuck on south, disrespecting teachers and administrators, cheating on tests, skipping classes, or lying to their parents.

New school values revolve around new technology, while having as little social interaction as possible. We need modern technology for our students to assimilate into a digital world.

However, without the old school values, and the social interaction, our children lose the ability to communicate effectively.

We should vote for school board members and support administrators who are guided by both of these principles. New teachers or young administrators are not always a guarantee for innovative ideas any more than experience is for progress. Ideally, we need experienced administrators who see the value of technology. 

Either way, there is nothing more important than the future of all children, and if we are not actively voting during these elections and keeping up with board agendas, then our children are left to the beliefs and visions of the few who do.

Cynthia Holbrook,