Varsity boys win Mineola Track Meet Thursday


The Mineola Varsity Boys Track Team took first place in their own track meet Thursday at Meredith Memorial Stadium. The junior varsity boys and girls teams took second and the varsity girls team placed fifth.

Eustace and Hendrson were second in the varsity boys division, Bullard won first place in the varsity girls division. Eustace won JV girls and Bullard was third. Eustace also won JV boys and Henderson ranked third.

Varsity boys claiming first places were the Kartney Hampton with 1:58.70 in the 800 Meter, K.J. Hawkins with 131’ in the Discus and Drason Tenner with 48’ 8 ¼” in Shot Put. The 4x400 Relay of Dalton Harris, Hampton, Shaw Franklin and Cameron Davis were also in the winners’ circle with 3:24.94.

Second places were won by the 4x200 Relay of Curtis London, Harris, Hampton and Kourtland Sinches with 1:32.52. Also, by London in the 200 Meter with 23.74, Cameron Davis in the 400 Meter with 51.71 and Jacob Hurst in the Shot Put with 41’7”.

Third places went to Devon Goguen and Franklin who tied in the 100 Hurdles with 16.59; Sinches in the 100 Meter Dash with 11.53 and Devon Goguen in the 300 Hurdles with 44.08. Also, Sinches in the Long Jump with 20’5” and Ian Thompson in Discus with 120’.

Also placing for the boys were Josh Lee, 6th, 3200 Meter; Franklin, 5th, and Devion Sneed, 6th, 300 Meter Hurdles; Dalton Robles, 6th, Discus; Sinches, 4th and Hampton 6th, Triple Jump; Cameron Wise, 5th Shot Put and Cameron Hays, 4th, Pole Vault.

Varsity girls in the winners’ circle were the 4x400 Relay of Lena Hughes, Meghan Brewington, Rachel Martinez and Kiara Williams with 4:14.34. Taylor Griffin was first in Discus with 106’ 3 ½”.

Second places were won by Meghan Brewington in the 800 Meter with 2:30.31 and the 4 x 200 Relay of Smith, Hughes, Williams and Jessiah Riley with 1:47.74.

Riley took third in the 100 Meter Dash with 13.02.

Also placing for the Lady Jackets were Kirstiana Welch, 6th, 3200 Meter; 4x100 Relay of Smith, Williams, Hughes and Riley, 4th; Tristan Kirk, 5th, 100 Hurdles; Alaina Lopez, 4th, and Tristan Kirk, 6th, 300 Hurdles; Sheila Smith, 5th, 200 Meter; Welch, 6th 1600 Meter and Tiara Stephens, 4th Shot Put.

The Junior Varsity Boys first place winners were Alex Evans, 110 Hurdles with 17.2; and the 4x400 Relay of Josh Wright, Brandn Cooke, Montrell Williams and Evans with 3:45.99.

Second places were won by Wylie Franks, 110 Hurdles, 17.58; Devion Cormier, 300 Hurdles, 45.29; Franks, High Jump 5’ 4” and Cormier, Triple Jump 38’ 8”.

Third places were won by Rance West, 800 Meter with 2:20.57; Evans, 300 Hurdles, 45.48 and Cormier, 110 Hurdles, 17.63.

Also placing for the JV boys were Gavin Brown, 4th, and Omar Gonzales, 5th, 3200 Meter; Max Lopez, 4th, 800 Meter, 4th; 4x200 Relay of Cormier, Josh Wright, Cooke and Jake Haggerton, 5th; Wright, 4t,h Long Jump; Evans 5th, Triple Jump and Jimmy Cunningham, 5th, Pole Vault.

Junior Varsity girls winning first were Lovely Wright, 100 Meter with 14.10 and 200 Meter with 28.9 and Lacie Brown, Discus with 78’ 10 ½”. The 4x400 Relay of Sabria Dean, Wright, Emily Jones and Tristan Kirk also took first with 4:32.78.

Seconds went to Kiley Grant, 100 Meter with 14.17 and Jones, 400 Meter, with 1:11.17.

Third places went to Grant, 200 Meter with 30.14; Emma Brian, Long Jump, 13’6” and Hallee Griffin, Shot Put, 26’7”.

Also placing for the JV Lady Jackets were La’Prentice Tuck, 6th, 100 Meter, 4th 400 Meter and Lacie Brown 4th, Shot Put.


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