Vehicle exceptions requested


Two requests to allow non-standard vehicles on city streets came before the Mineola City Council last week.

Martha Moreland spoke on behalf of Calvin Horton.

She said that Horton mows lawns for a living but is unable to obtain a driver’s license.

He uses his lawn tractor to get from place to place and asked that an exception be made to allow him to drive it legally on city streets when going from one job to another.

She said he can equip the machine with a slow vehicle triangle or a pole and flag.

A similar request came from Derrick McCann, who said he is legally blind and his only means of transport is a golf cart to be able to get to the grocery store and drug store for he and his wife, also legally blind.

He said the cart is equipped with the proper lights.

“You never know what shape you’re going to end up in later in life,” he said.

Petitions on behalf of both men were also presented.

The matters were not on the agenda for the council meeting and could not be discussed by the council.