Winnsboro Councilman Mellenberger found dead


Winnsboro City Councilman Mel Mellenberger died Tuesday morning at the green station in Winnsboro. No foul play is suspected, according to Winnsboro Police Chief Andy Chester.

Mellenberger, who was elected for the first time to the Winnsboro City Council in May, went through the gate to the site in Winnsboro where people dispose of brush and tree limbs.

He was found a little bit later deceased, said Chester.

“He’s was a super nice guy,” Chester said of Mellenberger.

He described him as an outstanding volunteer for the city who had just attended his first city council meeting.

“We’re pretty shook up here,” Chester said. “It’s a great loss, that’s for sure.”

Mellenberger was a native of Kentucky who moved to Texas shortly after his honorable discharge from the U.S. Marines in 1967, according to biographical information on the City of Winnsboro website.

He married Joan Rhoades, a native Texan, who passed away in 2016 shortly after the couple’s 54th anniversary.

The couple moved to Winnsboro in 2008, and Mellenberger was recognized as Volunteer of the Year for Winnsboro in 2017.